Three Principles to Unlock Future Value

We created Pearl to help our clients reduce risk and embrace the future with clarity and confidence. Lisa and I have a wealth of experience in a variety of settings.  This has given us first hand knowledge of the enormous responsibility that comes with navigating the complexity of identifying new opportunities for growth.

While the perspective is different when we’ve been working from inside a company, or as external consultants, we’ve identified three fundamental principles that are key ingredients that guide what we do, and how we do it.

The first principle is our focus on Ecosystems. We are entering an era of exponential change, and no individual company will be able to survive in a vacuum. Thomas Friedman has observed that markets have evolved from being interconnected, to being increasingly interdependent.  We have organized our work to embrace this complexity to help companies understand their role in the new ecosystems that are created as a result.

The second principle is that we embrace our role as Connectors. We connect people, throughout our partner network and client organizations. We connect ideas, to ensure we cover blind spots to make our work more robust. And we connect systems, because a strong ecosystem depends on the strength of the connections between the individual components.

The third principle is that we structure our work to amplify the value of Human Interactions. We work closely with our clients and partners to ensure that they are integrated as one team, and we work to align the group toward common success criteria.  My good friend Heather McGowan has observed that the future of work is learning, which can only happen when a group has fostered the trust to share and build upon new technology and market learning.

To embody these Principles, we have organized Pearl to easily collaborate with a broad network of partners, so we can continually adapt to new challenges as technology and markets evolve.  In an era where there is no single textbook, process or tool that can ensure success, we evaluate ourselves by our ability to help our clients to intentionally control their future.

If you’re concerned about your company’s ability to thrive in an era of exponential change, we’d love to hear from you.

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